"Natalie has been instrumental as a cookbook assistant to the publications of Run Fast Eat Slow and Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. 

Recently, this past April, she helped me meal plan and cook up delicious meals as I prepared for the Boston Marathon! I relied on her nutritional wisdom to help fuel me for a grueling race. It was heavenly knowing Natalie would grocery shop for all the ingredients, prepare the food and stock my fridge!!! My family and I were so grateful for her help as I chased my athletic dream.”

- Shalane Flanagan, Olympic silver medalist, four-time Olympian, 2017 TCS New York City  Marathon champion (personal chef)


"Natalie is very organized and detail oriented. She exceeded my expectations for our meal plan project and we plan to hire her again and work with her in the future. She even completed the project a week early and turned over a beautiful meal plan, grocery list, recipe collection and meal prep tips worksheet. I HIGHLY recommend Natalie for any recipe development and meal planning" 

Jessica, Food Heaven Made Easy (meal plans)


"Natalie was awesome with creating the recipes we needed to produce videos. She was never late, and great to work with overall!"

Sara, Multiply (recipe development)


"I gave Natalie a very strange and random request and she helped me develop a creative and fun nutrition plan. I would definitely recommend!"

Bernadette S. (nutritional counseling)