My favorite kitchen essentials

Mandolin: for perfect thinly sliced veggies

Kitchen scale: weighing your ingredients is helpful, a lot of repines say '1 lb zucchini'. Also if you love baking this is a necessity!

Oven thermometer: because ovens vary so much depending on quality and type.

Cast-iron skillet (10-inch)

Cast-iron skillet (12.5-inch)

Vitamix: for the smoothest smoothies ever!

Food processor: for making nut butters, pesto, grating veggies (or chocolate hehe), and so much more!

Coffee/spice grinder (one for coffee, one for spices)

Best popsicle molds (BPA-free)

Best tupperware set: BPA-free, glass, locking lids

Stasher Bags: amazing reusable silicone "ziplock" bags to reduce your plastic use and save money! (BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe)

Reusable food pouch: perfect for your DIY energy gels or baby food. I love these because they’re easy to clean!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: the best protein powder that also supports joint and skin health

SoCo Tahini: the most flavorful, drizzle-able tahini I'v ever had and for a good cause

Cacao Nibs: a MUST for smoothie toppings and a great source of magnesium

Mama Lils Peppers: pickled peppers packed in oil that I put on EVERYTING (next level avocado toast)

Freeze-Dried Strawberries: my favorite granola or energy ball add-in 

Red Boat Fish Sauce: buying good fish sauce makes a huge difference. This one is my fav!

My Favorite Cookbooks

Run Fast. Eat Slow: nourishing recipes for athletes (or anyone really)

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow: easy, simple recipes for hangry athletes

Six Seasons: a seasonal vegetable cookbook (organized by seasons) unlike any other

Jerusalem: middle-eastern cookbook with amazing recipes and cultural stories behind them

Dining In: "highly cookable recipes"

Dinner: Changing the Game: organized by main ingredient, this cookbook will change your dinner game