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How does it work?


First, Natalie will set up an initial consultation with you where you will discuss your current diet and goals. Based on your nutritional and personal needs and goals, she will design a weekly or monthly meal plan for you. This will include a meal planning calendar with a weekly grocery list and attached recipes. Now you can cook delicious healthy meals at home without having to think twice!

First, you will fill out an intake form. Once Natalie reads through your intake, she will schedule a 60-minute initial consultation with you to go over the intake form and get a better understanding of your personal needs and goals. Based on your discussion, Natalie will send you home with initial steps to help you reach your nutritional goals. 

After this initial consultation, follow-up visits will be scheduled to track progress and to continue to work on reaching your goals and making them sustainable for life. 

Personally designed meal plans will be offered at an additional price.


Natalie will set up a meeting to learn more about you are looking for in each recipe.  This includes any needs for dietary restrictions, ingredient accessibility, cook time, etc... After speaking with you, Natalie will send the recipe ideas, which you can approve, make changes to, or disapprove. From here we will move forward with any other needed services, such as recipe testing and food photography.

First, Natalie will set up an initial consultation with you where you will go over your personal needs and/or concerns and discuss menu options. Within 2 days, Natalie will e-mail you a sample menu plan designed specifically for you and will welcome any feedback to make adjustments, if desired. 

Once the menu is finalized, Natalie will go to your grocery store of choice and gather all ingredients needed, cook the selected meals in the privacy of your own kitchen, and leave it even cleaner than she found it. Meals will be stored in glass containers in the fridge or freezer with eating and reheating instructions.

You come home and open the fridge to find nourishing meals with easy-to-follow instructions. You follow the instructions and are amazed at how simple the whole process was and how great you feel. Nourishing meals at your fingertips!

Some examples of common meal packages: 4 dinners/week for one, 5 lunches and snacks/week for one, 5 dinners/week for two...this can be catered to your personal needs.

Natalie will have you fill out a detailed form regarding your cooking class (# of participants, length of class, dietary needs, class goals, etc...) Once she receives the form, she will contact you and discuss details over the phone. Once a date is agreed, Natalie will show up at your house with all of the ingredients and equipment, as discussed, needed for the class.

You will leave the class feeling pleasantly full with the confidence, skills, and recipes to cook nourishing and simple meals at home. 

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