Personal Chef, Meal Plans, and Recipes from a Chef and Nutritionist.

Natalie offers personally designed meal plans and nutritional counseling to help you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. She also offers personal chef services to help save you time in the kitchen and improve energy all day long.


Natalie specializes in women's health and sports nutrition, covering a wide variety of health concerns and goals for females and athletes alike. This includes meeting nutritional demands surrounding athletic performancehormone balance, pregnancy, lactation, and weight management. 

“I relied on Natalie’s nutritional wisdom to help fuel me for a grueling race. It was heavenly knowing Natalie would grocery shop for all the ingredients, prepare the food and stock my fridge!!! My family and I were so grateful for her help as I chased my athletic dream.”

— Shalane Flanagan, four-time Olympian and winner of 2017 NYC Marathon

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