Personally designed meal plans and recipes from a chef and nutritionist.

Natalie offers personally designed meals and meal plans, cooking classes, and nutritional counseling to help you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Natalie works with a range small businesses and clients of all ages and with a variety of health concerns and goals for themselves and/or their families.

During certain phases of life, nutrition needs are increased and play a huge role in overall health and well-being. Examples of these goals include meeting nutritional demands surrounding pregnancy, reaching a healthy weight, improving energy levels, and optimizing athletic performance.

Through a Master's Degree in Nutrition from NCNM, Natalie has gained knowledge and expertise with a variety of nutritional approaches/diets and will cater to your personal needs and the needs of your family.


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"Natalie is very organized and detail oriented. She exceeded my expectations for our meal plan project and we plan to hire her again and work with her in the future. She even completed the project a week early and turned over a beautiful meal plan, grocery list, recipe collection and meal prep tips worksheet. I HIGHLY recommend Natalie for any recipe development and meal planning" 

- Jessica from Food Heaven Made Easy

Natalie was awesome with creating the recipes we needed to produce videos. She was never late, and great to work with overall!

- Sara from Multiply

I gave Natalie a very strange and random request and she helped me develop a creative and fun nutrition plan. I would definitely recommend!

- Bernadette S.